Matrix Dental Periodontist, Dr. Feheem Bhamjee, is a specialist responsible for the management of all aspects of gum health, including healthy gums, around teeth and dental implants in Cape Town. From disease management to gum rejuvenation and cosmetic treatments, we have a suitable diagnostic-based solution to address your needs.

Inflammatory conditions of the gums and bone that support our teeth, known as Periodontitis, remain the most common cause of tooth loss in adults worldwide. The best way to treat any condition is to prevent its initiation, especially when it comes to maintaining healthy gums.

Periodontitis is a disease initiated by the presence of dental plaque along the gumline. The body responds with inflammation, which patients may notice as slight bleeding when brushing their teeth. When the inflammation is limited to the gums without bone loss, it is termed as Gingivitis. At this stage, we initiate simple measures to restore your gums to health, ensuring healthy gums for optimal oral health.

If the inflammation goes untreated, a “Pocket” may form between the gums and teeth, allowing plaque and calculus (tartar) to grow beneath the gums. This process can lead to the loss of gum and bone necessary to support our teeth. For many patients, the disease progresses chronically over years, often leading to tooth loss. The trouble is that most gum disease is painless, which allows it to advance without the patient realizing the future risk of tooth loss.

Signs of gum disease include bleeding while brushing, swollen or tender gums, receding gums, mobile teeth, and persistent bad breath. Our goal of periodontal treatment is to establish a healthy attachment between each tooth and its surrounding bone and gum, ensuring overall oral health and healthy gums.

Cosmetic and regenerative periodontal treatments also play a role in maintaining healthy gums. Healthy, symmetrical gums enhance the appearance of your teeth, like a frame around a beautiful painting. Our MDS periodontist can assist with concerns like gummy smiles, crown lengthening, and receding gums to ensure not just healthy gums but an aesthetically pleasing smile as well.

Bone and soft tissue reconstruction is essential, especially after tooth extraction, gum disease, infections, pathology, or trauma. Specialized techniques by our MDS Periodontist allow us to reconstruct these areas to prepare for future prosthesis or implant restorations, all contributing to healthy gums and overall oral health.

Whether you require wisdom tooth removal or have concerns about oral lesions, our MDS Periodontist is here to assess, advise, and treat your needs at medical aid guided rates, ensuring your healthy gums and overall oral well-being.