A Kid-Friendly Dental Experience

Our little patient’s first dental experiences should be a positive and reassuring one! We also offer Conscious Sedation to ensure dental visits are as pain free as possible. 

1) Fillings
2) Cleanings
3) Extractions
4) Interceptive orthodontics:
4.1) Teeth crowding
4.2) Overbites and underbites
4.3) Crossbite
4.4) Jaw irregularities
(Twin Block Appliance are an excellent solution used to align the upper and lower jaw)
 4.5) Narrow dental arches
( This can be fixed with a rapid palatal expander)
4.6) Early loss of primary teeth with the drift of adult teeth
( Here, the aim is to maintain space for permanent teeth )
4.7) Family history of impacted teeth
4.8) Protruding teeth
( this can sometimes be caused by thumbsucking or pacifier habits and can be fixed using a tongue crib )

While your child is still growing , it is a lot easier to influence and fix oral irregularities. If left untreated, trying to achieve the same results at an older age is almost impossible and would require a lot more invasive and longer term treatment. Habit breaking devices, behavioural modification and early detection are the keys to improving your child’s experience and outcome.