Root canal (Endodontic) treatment is usually required to save and maintain a tooth once decay has reached the nerve chamber. The alternative option is tooth removal, however this leads to impaired dental function, poor aesthetics, loss of gum and bone, and elaborate options for tooth replacement. The procedure involves removal of the dental nerve tissue followed by thorough cleansing and sealing of the canal system.

The use of a Cone Beam CT Scanning   (a 3D imaging with a low radiation dose) helps us manage complex endodontic problems. Digital visualisation of the canal system and underlying pathology optimises your care and maximizes success.

Once a root canal treatment is complete, a restoration is required to re-establish the integrity of the tooth. The type of restoration may include, crowns, bonded resin or ceramic restorations

In some instances, due to re-infection, dental decay and/or progression of microscopic cracks, root canal treated teeth may fail despite the quality of treatment carried out. These teeth may then be replaced with implants, fixed bridgework or removable dentures.