We begin with meticulous hygiene to improve comfort and slow down the progression of the condition. This consists of meticulously cleaning under the gum around the implant. If necessary there may also be grafting with biomaterials in order to replace the missing bone tissue or thicken the surrounding gum. This treatment can calm the peri-implant condition, allowing for survival of the implant crown or bridgework.

If the problem is persistent, or there has been advanced bone loss, then there is little alternative but to remove and replace an ailing implant, which will also mean the loss of the implant restoration..

Implant treatments are a lifelong commitment (just as natural teeth), it is important to also consider the potential for short-term failure or longer-term problems, and to do your utmost to maintain your implants with daily care and regular hygiene appointments. These highly biocompatible materials and precisely engineered implant parts make a great difference to the long-term outcome of your implant treatment.